Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Solid Framework v6 includes PDF/A Validation

It was a quiet month here at Pragmatic PDF central. We've been hard at work on the finishing touches of our Solid Framework v6 upgrade.

Major changes include:
  • new enterprise license model (in addition to republisher model)
  • PDF/A Validation
  • PDF to PDF/A Conversion
  • PDF to flowing HTML conversion
  • support for 64 bit Windows
We also have a much more elaborate set of sample code than before in the form of some free applications. Solid PDF Navigator is 100% free and illustrates what can be achieved with the Free license of SolidFramework. Solid PDF Mechanic uses the new free Developer license to allow exploration of all the premium Solid Framework features. All features are fully functional but include watermarks and "not for resale" text. To take advantage of either the Free or Developer license, simply download Solid Framework and start using it immediately.

PDF viewer including Page Pane and standard navigation controls similar to Acrobat Reader.

Explorer view allows navigation and examination of PDF internals.

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