Saturday, September 19, 2009

PDF/A: what's new in Solid PDF Tools v6

Last week Solid Documents released an upgrade to Solid PDF Tools. In a nutshell, with Solid PDF Tools you can:

For a complete list visit the Solid PDF Tools features page.

With version 6, the product now exports PDF/A validation and conversion reports as per the specifications from the PDF/D Consortium. The validator and converter have also been greatly improved to:
  • provide much improved support for XMP validation
  • pass 100% the Bavaria Test Suite cases (v5 already passed the Isartor cases)
With the work we've done to improve our PDF/A technology, we think version 6 is now one of the best PDF/A tools on the market. This PDF/A functionality is also available to both .NET and C++ developers through our Solid Framework SDK product.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

RDF for PDF/A-1 Predefined XMP Schemas Updated

Today we shared the latest update of the pdfa.rdf (now 1.1) schema used by the Solid Documents PDF/A Validator and PDF to PDF/A Converter.

At over 2500 lines long this is probably the largest use of the PDF/A extension schema definitions on the planet. Our own pdfaValidate schema has been updated too. It now includes some new properties ('default', 'subst', 'predefined' and 'count') to help us use this RDF schema to build our data-driven PDF/A XMP validator.

Feel free to use this data to build your own PDF/A XMP validator but remember to give back: if you have corrections or improvements, please share them with the PDF/A community. Better still, join the PDF/D Consortium.