Saturday, September 19, 2009

PDF/A: what's new in Solid PDF Tools v6

Last week Solid Documents released an upgrade to Solid PDF Tools. In a nutshell, with Solid PDF Tools you can:

For a complete list visit the Solid PDF Tools features page.

With version 6, the product now exports PDF/A validation and conversion reports as per the specifications from the PDF/D Consortium. The validator and converter have also been greatly improved to:
  • provide much improved support for XMP validation
  • pass 100% the Bavaria Test Suite cases (v5 already passed the Isartor cases)
With the work we've done to improve our PDF/A technology, we think version 6 is now one of the best PDF/A tools on the market. This PDF/A functionality is also available to both .NET and C++ developers through our Solid Framework SDK product.

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