Friday, February 20, 2009

XMP: bag vs Bag, seq vs Seq

The RDF specification clearly uses "Bag", "Alt" and "Seq" for the names of these container elements. This is a requirement for the names of these array container elements:

rdf:Bag, rdf:Alt and rdf:Seq

Starting with the XMP Specification Part 1, the use of "bag " (as in "bag Text") was introduced as a notation to describe array types in schemas. This document is consistent in using the lowercase variant for type descriptions only.

I believe that the titlecase variant of this notation, first seen in XMP Specification Part 2, was introduced in error (example: XMP Media Management property definition for xmpMM:Ingredients is "Bag ResourceRef").  

This inconsistency really didn't matter while it was limited to being used as a notation format only in documentation. The arrival of PDF/A extension schemas changed all that. Specifically, as mentioned in TechNote 0009 clause 4.5, this notation is now used in the PDF/A extension schemas for the pdfaProperty:valueType and the pdfaField:valueType properties.

Our validator will support both variants but will generate warnings for the titlecase version. In other words, we are recommending the use of the lowercase variants as a best practice for PDF/D.

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  1. PDF 19005-1 is actually quite clear on this subject. To quote from clause 6.7.8:
    "Array types shall be preceded by their container type: alt, bag, or seq,
    separated from the base type by a single white-space character."